We are in the process of farming content for the beta-test-soft launch of our internet radio channel in late April of 2019. By filling out a form you can submit music, poetry, spoken word pieces and noise art to be played by Cloud Farming Radio. We are licensed by the four main music licensing agencies within the U.S.: ASCAPBMISESAC, and SoundExchange. We are also covered in Canada via SOCAN and Re:Sound, and in the UK via PPL and PRS for Music. To preview what our internet radio station will look like click here!

If you have not signed up with any of the licensing agencies named above, we recommend you register your content before submitting it to us but if you do not care about that stuff, please write YES in the PERMISSION part of our form for us to play your content royalty free for a defined amount of time. Before we air it, we will follow up with you to make an inquiry about the copyright rights of your submission and how long we can keep the track in our broadcast archive.

We do not want to own your content or limit you by exclusivity. Our mission is to broadcast/network/distribute culture for all to value and enjoy. Please fill out a form for each audio file submitted.