“Three years ago I began to plan a business and started to look for a person knowledgeable in marketing, public relations, and financing.  I’d known Terry for two years at that point.  One day he posted a single word on Facebook that caught my attention: Imagine…  I already knew a bit about his approach to marketing and ethical business practices, but I really liked his post in motivating people to imagine dreams coming true. It’s now been a year and a half in working with Terry. He took the time to learn what skills I had and how he could compliment those. 

Terry helped me look at data from sources like Loveland Detroit in new ways.  I began to understand the market forces at play with the products I intend to market. He helped me understand how publications like Detroit Free Press and Crains can be used to identify market forces, potential clients, and how to scale a business.  Of all the concepts he’s helped me understand, I value his understanding of and dedication to ethical business practices the most.  His mantra of people. products, and process soon became my own, and it’s helped me succeed. “

Andrew Iannaccone, S.E.E.D. Redevelopment, www.seeddetroit.farm